Police matters

West Ruislip Safer neighbourhood Team Community engagements for July have been announced. They are as follows:

Wednesday 11th July 4-5 pm at Waitrose

Saturday 14th July 5-6 pm at McDonalds

Wednesday the 18th July 12-1 pm at McDonalds

Wednesday 25th July 12-1pm at Waitrose

Monday 30th July 5-6 pm at Waitrose

and Tuesday 31st July  5-6 pm at McDonalds.

All such events are also published on the website –  https://www.met.police.uk/ follow this by inputting either your address or postcode in the search engine field “find your area”.

The on line watch website, in conjunction with neighbourhood watch, is now up and running for our Area – it is called Owl and can be found at www.OWL.co.uk. It is a national initiative but locally operated. It is easy to register to the website – should take about 5-10 minutes.This provides a platform through which the police and Neighbourhood watch share information as to what is happening in the local area.  It provides users with useful alerts as to potential criminal activity within the Area. Once registered you can also submit to the police information/intelligence regarding crime or anti-social behaviour. It is a secure website and so, if you input information, it is anonymous – no one else can see what you have sent in your report. It is very localised so you only get relevant information.  There are separate user categories for, e.g. residents and businesses – again ensuring that whatever you sign up to the information will be relevant to that area of interest – and of course you can register for each if appropriate. Do note though that this is not to replace reporting crime on the 101 system, although you may wish to submit details to this site as well as using 101 ( or, if a crime is actually taking place 999 is the appropriate way to contact the police)

The police have reported pickpocketing  activity and handbag thefts occurring on, or in the vicinity of, Ruislip High St and caution taking extra care to prevent becoming a victim of such criminals.





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