How to Help


There are many ways in which you can become more involved in the Association’s work. Possible roles are :

To find out more about any of the above roles, click on the role.

Road Steward

They deliver our Town Crier magazine two times a year and feed back local concerns to the Executive Committee. The time this takes depends on how many homes are covered – some Road Stewards cover 20 or so homes near to where they live, some cover more, but the work usually takes only a few hours per year. Road Stewards are absolutely central to the success of our Association. We currently have a number of vacancies:

Area Steward

Two times a year they deliver Town Criers to Road Stewards in their own area. They also have an intermediary role in the collection of subscriptions, and act as a conduit for information on local issues. This takes a few hours per year. We have some vacancies in our network of these much valued members.

Sports Adviser

We need an adviser to keep us up to date about local sporting activities in our area, particularly to keep the Executive Committee informed about any issues that arise, and to ensure that our website information provides correct information for our members. This role could be subdivided so that different advisers are responsible for updating us about activities for various age groups.

Executive Member

These Members are elected each year at the Annual General Meeting. Additional members are co-opted to the Executive Committee to fill vacancies, to extend the work that is undertaken on behalf of the Association, and to assist holders of particular responsibilities. The level of involvement depends on the particular responsibilities undertaken, varying from a few hours a year to many hours each week. Executive Members are expected to attend monthly evening meetings lasting two hours, currently on the first Wednesday of each month.

Technical Adviser

We monitor all local activities. If members have experience in any of the fields we cover, we would be pleased to call on them for advice, when needed. We hope to extend our range of advisers.

Edit a Page on Our Website

Page editors keep the web-pages up to date. Our website uses the Industry-standard WordPress backend, and pages can be edited from a computer, smartphone or tablet. Help is available if needed.


If you wish to volunteer, or to know more about any of these roles, please let us know. You will be welcome to meet an Executive Member to discuss details – and may be able to attend relevant meetings as an observer – before making any commitment.

We would be delighted to hear from you.*