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Safer Neighbourhood Panels

Each Council Ward has a Safer Neighbourhood Panel comprising representatives from our local communities and the local Safer neighbourhood Police team( headed by a Police Sergeant). The Met are looking to widen participation in the panels to include such as local businesses, youth and residents’ representation. If you are interested in becoming a member of […]

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Phone Call and email message scams

Just a reminder about telephone call scams that are prevalent at the moment and are 100% fake! Phone call scammers use equipment that makes it look like they are calling from a genuine number! First – alleged calls from Virgin media asking if your broadband has been slow! This is a favourite at the moment […]

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Telephone Scam HMRC

This is just a reminder about the above scam mobile (and landline?) calls purporting to be from HMRC which is resurfacing again. Briefly, a call is made (usually from a mobile number)and the recipient is told that it is from HMRC and that you are being taken to court. You are asked to press 1 […]

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Scams and also e-scooters

1 Scams Please be aware that there are several new email scams in circulation! One such example relates to the anti-covid-19 jabs rollout. The scam asks you to respond to the email by inputting private details and bank details – the NHS do not, and will not ever ask for bank details!  Others may at […]

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More about Scams

Just a note to remind everyone to be alert for scam e-mails! One of the most prevalent is an  e-mail stating that a payment – usually for your TV licence – has not been able to be collected and asking you to follow the link in the email to “update your details”. These are another […]

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