Police News and Updates on Surgeries

PCs Roe and Murphy stopped and searched a male after a patrol near a local school. They were successful in then confiscating a number of drugs found in his possession. The police SNT have been active in setting up patrols in areas where local residents have voiced concerns over anti-social behaviour, drug offending, motor vehicle crime and  burglary hotspots. An analysis of an operation set up by PC Murphy to address similar issues following further complaints by residents has shown that 2 successful arrests and 5 stop and searches were made as well as 6 stop and accounts.

Police surgeries for the month are as follows:

Eastcote and East Ruislip

  • 23rd November at Eastcote Library between 4-5 pm
  • 27th November at Manor Farm Library between 3-4pm

West Ruislip

  • 16th November at Waitrose between 2-3 pm

As ever please feel free to drop in and raise any issues/concerns that you may have.*

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