New collection days for waste and recycling

From Monday 31 October, waste and recycling collection days will change for some households.  All Ruislip households have their collection on either Monday or Tuesday: our map below shows the division between the two days – Monday collections in yellow, and Tuesday collections in pink.

Check your collection day

In addition to their help in compiling the map above, London Borough of Hillingdon have a tool on their website which will confirm your new collection day.  To find out more about the revised waste collection days, visit

Hillingdon Council is making changes to its collection routes to make them more efficient and help reduce carbon emissions as part of its commitment to making its services carbon neutral by 2030.

Bags at your front boundary for 6am

Free collections for general waste, dry mixed recycling, food and garden waste remain weekly and collected on the same day as each other, and all residents will receive a letter to let them know if their day will be changing becuase even were days aren’t changing, routes might be: so collection times could still change.

All residents are being advised to put their waste and recycling at the front boundary of the property by 6am on their collection day as collection times may vary for all households.


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