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Work on the Cannon Brook – Thames 21

Over the next few weeks (February/March 2022), Thames 21 will be reprofiling the Cannon Brook allowing it to hold more water during heavy rainfall events. In addition they will add two backwater features that can improve the overall ecological benefits and landscape amenity of the restored section of the Brook. Backwater refuges have been shown […]

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The Woodland Centre at Ruislip Lido

The Woodland Centre at Ruislip Lido   Next to the café near the beach at Ruislip Lido is the Woodland Centre. Ever since it was built  The Ruislip Woods Trust have had an ambition to upgrade the displays and provide an exciting introduction to the Ancient Woodlands surrounding the lido. With the help of the […]

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To Flush or Not to Flush

You will be aware that flushing most wet wipes down the toilet can result in the formation of ‘fat bergs’ and they can end up on our beaches and riversides.  Thames 21 have issued the following information Although there has been an increase in products being labelled ‘Do Not Flush’, there are many wipes on […]

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