Lady Bankes Primary School’s Years 1 & 2 Christmas Show

Year 2 pupils

The school’s Years 1 & 2, consisting of six classes – one hundred and eighty pupils – presented their Christmas show on Wednesday, December 7th and Thursday, December 8th.

Mrs Kate Needs, Headteacher, welcomed the audience and expressed her pleasure that it was the first time for three years that the children were able to perform to their parents/carers and friends due to the intervention of the Covid 19 pandemic.

The children told the traditional Nativity story through movement, song and music which made the whole experience truly magical.

The performance began with Mary and Joseph’s five day journey to Bethlehem which was represented by a pupil holding up a card with a number representing how many days were left to travel. This was punctuated by the singing of “Clip, clap don’t stop” which was followed by the song “Who’s that at the door?” and a request to stop knocking which signified there was no room at the inn.

Next the shepherds in the field were alerted by the song “Hey you shepherds!” that the angels were singing to the highest heaven and encouraging them to go and find the baby. Their response came with the singing of “Happy Shepherd” in which they vowed to travel to Bethlehem to find the baby.

The Star appeared and the wise men followed it riding their camels and were excited to see the baby Jesus. The pupils created the atmosphere of the stable in a song which replicated the sounds of the donkey, the mouse, the cattle and the chickens which was great fun.

The tale of wonder, love and glory was celebrated in the performance of the Christmas conga in which all the characters were invited to take part which they did with enthusiastic movements to the music. Finally the whole cast sang “Happy Christmas Everyone” to their appreciative audience who responded with loud applause.

This vibrant performance left the audience looking forward to the festive season and was a credit to the hard work of the class teachers in preparing and rehearsing the pupils. Throughout the performance they were constantly encouraging the pupils to give of their best which they all certainly did! Credit should also go to those who made the colourful costumes.

At the end of the show Mrs Kneeds praised the staff and children for their efforts; her words undoubtedly echoed the feelings of the audience.


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