Fanuc House, 1 Station Approach

This long-time office space is to be demolished to make way for a new development comprising 41 residential units in a four/five storey building. There will be underground car parking, amenity space and landscaping. Ruislip Residents’ Association has mixed feelings about this development, as it is located in a very important gateway to the town – after all modern Ruislip was designed to be accessed by the Underground, not road (as our traffic problems make clear).

The Old Fanuc House

The Old Fanuc House

We are also concerned that the location of the building within its plot will cause problems for the residents, being too close to the bus stands (some flats will be within a few feet) in the bus station, which will soon be operating all day and night, when the 114 goes 24-hours. This is an example of an area we are spending more effort on recently, trying to ensure the quality of the houses and flats being constructed for our residents.*

Full application on Hillingdon website

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