Councillors’ Comments – September 2022

By Cllr John Riley

It is a great pleasure to be able to contribute to the Town Crier. Following the Council elections in May this year, and the boundary changes, there have been a couple of changes in the line-up of Ruislip Councillors. We wish to thank Cllrs Michael Markham and Devi Radia for all their hard work, companionship and dedication to Ruislip and Hillingdon.

Our friend, and now fellow Cllr, Peter Smallwood became a member of the Ruislip Ward Councillor Team in May. Peter is a lifelong Hillingdon resident; he was already heavily involved in our local political scene in Hillingdon and across London, more recently taking up a national political role. We are delighted to welcome Peter to our highly successful Ruislip team and look forward to working with him. Both Cllr Philip Corthorne and I were re-elected.

Ruislip Manor Ward is now ably represented by Cllrs Douglas Mills and Susan O’Brien.

Cllr, Peter Smallwood became a member of the Ruislip Ward Councillor Team in May

Cllr, Peter Smallwood became a member of the Ruislip Ward Councillor Team in May

High Street issues

For a number of years now we have been working on the issue of the proliferation of fast food “delivery mopeds” and car drivers as they congregate on the High Street taking up parking bays and for some causing a considerable nuisance. We continue to deal with the problem and are actively seeking long term solutions to deal with this activity with the help of local business, police and Council Officers.

We are pleased to say that new shops and businesses are coming to our popular High Street and while its appearance may have changed it is still vibrant and offering a wide range of services. With the help of the business community, Council officers and others, who we have helped to bring together, we are looking forward to a bright future for our premier High Street, with local events planned for both residents and the wider public to enjoy.

Ruislip Lido

We have worked very hard to mitigate the effect that the vast numbers of visitors to the “Lido” has brought over the last few years. Foremost, we have introduced a seasonal parking scheme which will come to an end in September. We will then, with our Cabinet colleagues, review the scheme and look to apply improvements to make residents lives easier in the summer months and facilitate the enjoyment of the Lido for all. We are distinctly aware of the effect on local residents of the annual influx of visitors as well as the antisocial behaviour of some using the Lido and are taking measures to deal with these issues.

Our “post bag(s)” are very full with resident issues both on an individual basis or on wider matters, we active Cllrs thrive on finding solutions. From flood management to the work of our great local charities, from parking issues to renewing roads and pavements, all matters about which our residents are concerned or want to tell us about. We are always available to help and remain at your service.

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