Inside Ruislip High School

Skyla Susan Midgley Anna

It has been a few years since the Association has had any contact with Ruislip High School, so I was delighted to receive an invitation from Dr Martina Lecky, Headteacher to visit the school and re-establish contact.

On Tuesday, January 29th. I was shown round the school by Skyla Bitar and Anna Guld, two delightful Year 9 School Ambassadors. It soon became obvious that the girls were genuinely proud and happy to be members of their school; they were well-informed about all aspects of the school, answered my questions intelligently and were eager to show me some of the school’s more original features. They also told me that the TV comedy series The Inbetweeners had been filmed in the school!

As the school building is relatively new, taking its first intake of Year 7 students in 2006, it provides a bright, open aspect in which students can learn in a “calm and purposeful environment”. As we walked along the various subject corridors two things particularly impressed me; these were the murals and the classroom names. Each mural, painted by students with the advice and assistance from the Head of Art, as well as being colourful and eye-catching, they help to reinforce students’ learning. Instead of the classrooms having numbers, they are named after innovators, artists, authors etc. appropriate to the subject being taught within. On the outside of each door is a framed picture and details of the individual which is an effective way of enhancing learning for students as well as visitors.

Following my tour Dr Lecky was kind enough to spare some of her valuable time to meet with me in her office to share some information concerning her school. By September 2020 the extension to the present building will be complete which means that the school will be able to offer in total  between 1300 and 1350 places. As part of the expansion, the school is opening two special resource provisions; one for students with a physical disability, the other for high-functioning autistic students.

I am very pleased that in future residents will be able to read reports of the activities of Ruislip High School on our website and in the Town Crier. We are very fortunate to have two Outstanding (Ofsted rating) secondary schools in Ruislip as well as others in the local area.

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