Membership and Subscriptions

All Ruislip households are eligible for membership. The Town Crier is distributed to about 9,000 households and, with the help of its network of Road Stewards, the Association collects subscriptions from most roads in its area. We cover the area shown on this map. There are separate residents’ associations in Eastcote, Ickenham, Northwood and South Ruislip, with whom we co-operate on shared concerns.


The Association has costs for printing the Town Crier, hire of meeting halls, postage, secretarial and similar expenses. We occasionally support local initiatives, such as the project to frame artwork from a local school so that it can be displayed in Mount Vernon Hospital.

The membership subscription is £5.00 per year per household. This can be paid by a variety of ways:

  • You can pay online, using a credit or debit card. You just need your email address and postcode.
    Online Payment Form
  • Fill in the subscription form print and post it, with payment, to the address on the form; or you can save postage by hand-delivering it to Mail Boxes Etc on Ruislip High Street.
    Subscription Form
  • Some of our Road Stewards collect subscriptions by going door-to-door.
  • You can pay when you attend one of our General Meetings.

We welcome donations, above the standard subscription, as these really help our finances!*

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