Uxbridge College’s Starring Role in Getting UK’s Students Back On Site

DfE Filming June 2020

Uxbridge College is playing a starring role in a Government campaign to get the UK’s students back to school and college, as well as getting ready for its own students to return to college in September, with enrolment now underway.

The Department for Education chose the college to be part of a short film being featured on social media. Students who had recently returned to the Hayes Campus were filmed around the college, including arriving for classes, working in the hairdressing salons and rehearsing in the theatre and dance studios. Dance student Laura Hogg and hairdresser Brogan Hollyoak (pictured far right, along with the Design 102 film crew) appear in the film, being featured in their classes and talking about their experiences being back at college.

Social distancing and other precautions against the virus are being implemented in various ways, for instance the hairdressing students wearing face shields and performing arts students maintaining distance between their chairs during classes. Students hand-sanitise on the way in and out of college and are encouraged to wash their hands regularly. They must follow signage and social distance around the site.

Dr Darrell DeSouza, Principal of Uxbridge College and HCUC, who was also featured in the film talking about how the college was managing the current situation, said: It was a real privilege to be chosen for  this UK-wide campaign which shows not only that it’s possible to return to education safely, but that there is no question that this is what students want too.

In line with DfE requirements the college is planning for all students to return on a full-time high quality learning programme in the autumn, with this initially expected to involve mainly on-site delivery of lessons, supplemented with some remote learning. Full guidance will be given around hygiene and social distancing protocols in and around college to maintain safety.

Enrolment is currently underway for September courses, with this being done mainly online although students enrolling on  ESOL English and Maths courses need to enrol on site. Anyone who has enrolled online will be contacted regarding an interview to make sure they have chosen the right course.

Online enrolment is ongoing and there is a full list of dates and times for enrolment on site see:                              www..uxbridgecollege.ac.uk/enrol.

To see the DfE film go to: https://design102.wistia.com/medias/83lqv4wqvq

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