Uxbridge College Pioneers Training for Electric Car Technicians

Uxbridge College is pioneering the latest in high tech learning with its new training technologies for electric and hybrid car maintenance and repairs.

The college recently took delivery of a Mini Electric which is being used hand in hand with its new state-of-the-art electric car simulator, the Car Train. Its EV (Electric Vehicle) courses will support the major shift towards the use of electric and hybrid vehicles as the UK moves to end its contribution to global warming.

Full-time, part-time and Apprentice Motor Vehicle students will use the Car train to gain the necessary skills to progress safely to working on the real car with its high voltage electric systems.. Amongst the Car Train’s features are real car parts including a life-size ignition and keys – which actually start the simulator – a real electric charging system and hose tether charging head as well as a miniature drive shaft and wheels which turn. Its touch-screen monitor shows CGI imagery of the car dashboard, internal layout and other training diagrams.

Neil Benjamin-Miller, Head of Engineering – Technology and Innovation at Uxbridge College, said: This is really exciting for both students and staff at the college and it is also an exciting opportunity for employers large and small to give their current staff the skills they will require to work with electric cars. This year’s figures show that nearly 7% of car sales are now electric or hybrid which is a massive increase year on year. Our training will cover mechanics to work on all the current models.

EV courses at Uxbridge College are approved by the industry body the IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry) which develops skills’ benchmarks and qualifications and represents the UK industry nationally and globally.

Car Train EV accredited courses are run at Levels 1, 2 and 3 – starting with First Responder skills i.e.

EV Students with the Mini Electric

dealing with accidents – and progressing to maintenance and repairs. The college aims to introduce a Level 4 course which covers battery maintenance and repair from the autumn.

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