U3A (University of the Third Age)

Many of us come to a time of life when we feel the need to
turn over a new leaf, discover new interests and explore
them with new friends.
One approach is to join a local organisation that enables its
members to do just these things. All we ask is that our
members are no longer in full time employment.
Hillingdon u3a is a self-help group of people providing
educational, creative and leisure opportunities to its
members in a friendly, social environment, thereby
contributing to the overall health and wellbeing of our
We are a learning cooperative which draws upon the
knowledge, experience and skills of our own members to
organise and provide a wide range of subject Interest
Around one third of our over 850 members live in
and around Ruislip. With a choice of some 80
different Interest Groups, our members can
pursue an amazing range of topics; some groups
are academic, some creative, some practical and
others recreational. But all are social!
These Interest Groups typically get together for
meetings in either members’ houses or local church
and community halls.
Hillingdon u3a also has an active social programme
(monthly meetings and walks, periodic theatre and
concert visits, etc.) and issues regular Newsletters.
And what’s amazing is that the membership
subscription is £20 per annum, working out at
under 40p per week

Members of the Residents Association who would like to know more of U3A can go to their Webb page, :- www.u3asites.org.uk/hillingdon
or can contact our Membership Secretary Tel 07532 268002

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