Scams and also e-scooters

1 Scams

Please be aware that there are several new email scams in circulation! One such example relates to the anti-covid-19 jabs rollout. The scam asks you to respond to the email by inputting private details and bank details – the NHS do not, and will not ever ask for bank details!  Others may at first sight look like they are genuine – pretending they are from MacAfee, Norton or other IT security firms, saying that your IT security either is about to expire or has expired and, of course, asking you to “renew”. Other scammers don’t even say a company name, just that your computer security is at risk etc. We all get so many emails these days and so they rely on you not checking but just responding and if you do so they can then empty your bank account before you have realised it wasn’t a genuine email.You can  get valuable information on scam emails and how to stay safe from the scammers on the OWL website and from their regular Newsletters.

2 E-Scooters

There seems to be an increase in the use of e-scooters recently in the Ruislip area. The dangers of these machines are obvious and incidents have been noted which include them being used; riding on the pavement weaving around shoppers on the High St, charging round street corners almost colliding with pedestrians, riding at speed on the road, and riding 2 up –  including adults riding with a child passenger in front of them! It may be that some are genuinely unaware of the fact that the law states all privately owned e-scooters can only be lawfully used on private land and with the landowner’s permission. They cannot legally be used on roads or pavements – users can be fined and have 6 points put on their driving licence for not having insurance! (They can’t get insurance as its illegal to use them on roads/pavements – and If they don’t yet hold a licence the points will be put on a DVLA record and held for the future). So, if you have one – please help yourself and others to stay safe by keeping off roads and pavements and only use them where you can legally do so.

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