Problem making Online Payment by Credit Card

A number of members have encountered a problem using the online payment system. After finding the house address, the credit card input fields are not displayed.

The most likely reason for this problem is use of an old out of date browser. Affected browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer and native Android browsers (the one with the Globe icon) on older versions of Android on smartphones or tablets.

If you are using Windows 7, even though Microsoft have stopped officially supporting the operating system, they sent out an update with their new Edge browser. This is lots better than the previous Windows 10 version of Edge, is up to date and more secure than Internet Explorer and will solve the problem with the payment system. Accept the update (which may have been done automatically) and activate the browser to make use of it. Alternatively download and install Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome both of which are up to date browsers that support recent security and capability updates.

If you are using an old Android device then your best option (other than to buy a new phone or tablet) is to install the Chrome browser App and use that.

Please have another go, the standstill with COVID19 has left the Association critically short of membership subscriptions this year.

Accepted Credit Cards

Accepted Credit Cards

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