Police update

The new working arrangements for the new police sector, which includes Ruislip, is on track for a “go-live”date of June 2018, as those who attended our Ruislip Residents’Association meeting heard from Superintendent Kandohla, our guest speaker. There are consequentially, changes to the operation of the Safer Neighbourhood Teams. With that in mind please do not copy in Inspector Bryan (who now has an even more extensive supervisory role with the SNT’s), to any e-mails simply because you believe it will generate a quicker response from the person who is the intended primary recipient! Also would you kindly note that the supervisory role of the Safer Neighbourhood Team sergeants has been increased and so it is generally only appropriate to e-mail them when you need to escalate any concerns.  Otherwise, please use the contact details of the appropriate Safer Neighbourhood Team in the first instance.

The contact details for the sergeants are;

For West Ruislip – samantha.quinn@met.police.uk

For the remaining Ruislip/Eastcote areas – damian.keyes@met.police.uk

The Safer Neighbourhood contact details have been previously published, but if you have missed them , they are;

Eastcote.Ruislip.snt@met.police.uk and 020 8721 2548

ManorWard.snt@met.police.uk    and 020 8721 2549

SouthRuislip.snt@met.police.uk  and 020 8721 2011

WestRuislip.snt@met.police.uk    and 020 8721 2047

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