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We have received the following helpful advice/information, which is copied here below, from the OWL deputy community communicator. If you haven’t already signed up to OWL I would really encourage you to do so.

Brian Gunn

Police liaison representative for the RRA

Communications – If your vehicle is Stolen and Update on CCTV Requirements
Dear Watch Member,

Could I just make the position clear please the course of action that should be taken if your vehicle is Lost or Stolen (“LOS”).

Please alert the Police ASAP of the vehicle registration number, referred to as the VRM (vehicle registration mark).

If it has just been taken, it’s crime in progess and therefore dial 999 please.

Then to comply with current data protection legislation send me a message on OWL with your express permission for a HNW search for your vehicle to take place.

I will require a Police reference to authenticate action.

CCTV (Ring doorbells included):

We have just concluded correspondence with the Office of the Information Commissioner (ICO) updating our understanding and confirming the legal position on all matters relating to data protection.

The only matter that we will all have to comply with is if you own CCTV (which includes RING doorbells) that you are now required to affix a sign on your property stating that you have CCTV recording. There is a small yellow sticker that does the job perfectly and shortly we will update our Hillingdon Neighbourhood Watch website showing what you will require.

It’s interesting that the ICO stated that this is “of course a good crime prevention measure” and I would agree.  You may also of course consider putting up a sticker even if you do not have CCTV.

I think the cost is around £1.50 for this item.

To re-confirm the position regarding domestic properties that have CCTV looking into a public area, you are no longer required to register with the ICO or pay the £35 fee.

Stay warm and remember to give eye to you senior citizen neighbours please during this very cold weather.

Thank you all for supporting Hillingdon Neighbourhood Watch.


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