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Inspector Rob Bryan has recently published the latest edition of his newsletter and has asked that if you want to contact the local Safer Neighbourhood Team please do not copy other officers into your emails. There really is no need and it just means that everyone has to read the same information. Apart from that it doesn’t make officers feel as though they are trusted to deal with the issue raised. On a personal level I do want to assure you that the SNT officers do take all enquiries seriously and do all they can to resolve matters – so please remember ….you really don’t have to copy other (and senior) officers in to your emails.

Apart from that….. in case you haven’t noticed … Christmas is coming ! The police will be hosting their Annual Christmas Open Day at Ruislip Police station on the 9th December between 10am and 3pm. There will be tombola, face painting, custody(!), singing policemen and more, so please do come and enjoy the fun! Oh yes …. and of course Father Christmas and Frosty the Snowman will be there!

On a serious note – 2 things to note: First, there have been rumours about the police not supporting Remembrance Day. This is simply not the case. It is for others to manage the roads on the marching route not the police. However you can be assured that Hillingdon Police will always respect and Remember the occasion and barring a major incident will be in attendance at all Remembrance events throughout the Borough. Finally, there has been a lot of anxiety about knife crime. The police take this very seriously and a substantial lives have been handed in at Uxbridge police knife crime bin over the past months ..and also they have made several arrests of offenders in possession of knives that are/could be used in committing crime.*

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