Phone Call and email message scams

Just a reminder about telephone call scams that are prevalent at the moment and are 100% fake! Phone call scammers use equipment that makes it look like they are calling from a genuine number!

First – alleged calls from Virgin media asking if your broadband has been slow! This is a favourite at the moment and the scammers call multiple times from what appears to be different phone numbers in the hope to catch you out.If you ask if they are genuinely from Virgin then you will be given a number to call – but of course they won’t have hung up and when you call the number you are connected to the same people but just a different scammer answering!

Same for threatening calls purporting to be from HMRC stating they have a fraud case registered against your name and you may be arrested – and asking you to follow instructions to be connected to your “case officer” – the genuine HMRC do not contact people in this way at all!!

Same for scammers stating that they are parcel delivery people (eg like Hermes) saying you need to pay for postage fees in order to have your  parcel delivered. So many of us do order online and the scammers hope to catch people out by this trick conning them into payment – you can soon find your bank account being emptied if you try to pay and have given/ entered bank details! Always be wary of e mail requests for such payment for what are in fact non existent parcels.

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