Lady Bankes Primary School’s KS2 Christmas Show

The Cast of “Gimme Gimme Gimme”

Lady Bankes Primary School presented their Key Stage 2 Christmas Show on Wednesday December 13th. which included drama and  choral music. The show with the title Gimme Gimme Gimme which was written and directed by Mrs Neagle, Miss Mackerness and Miss Collinson began with a rousing rendition of Rocking Around the Christmas Tree which certainly put the audience in a festive mood. We were then introduced to the Elves who each described their specific role under the watchful eye of Santa. However, as the action progressed it became clear that this was not going to be an entirely traditional Christmas show but one with a clear message.

The next musical item was Money, Money, Money in a Rich Man’s World. Actors spoke of how times had changed over the years; in modern times there was less money and parents were finding it hard to meet the current demands of their children for expensive presents. We were then shown children in a hospital ward who didn’t want a present but wanted to be better and return home. Some families were not together for Christmas for various reasons but all they wanted was to be a proper family again. Later three actors portrayed selfish young people who were discussing all the presents they wanted. They were told; Only you can change the future! Santa then told all the children why we really celebrate Christmas and the choir sang A Boy Was Born, King of all the World. He went on to explain that some children do not receive presents at Christmas and asked them if they understood what Christmas was really about – love, friendship, helping each other and families being together – not receiving expensive presents.

The message had been given and was understood. This performance was very relevant to our times but it was also great fun and ended on a joyful note as the whole cast performed with great gusto Merry Christmas Everyone to the accompaniment of clapping by the audience in time with the music.



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