Crime Information Update

At a recent meeting of the Safer neighbourhood panels for West Ruislip and Eastcote and East Ruislip some useful points of information arose.

First, if you hear an alarm ringing and you see suspicious activity then you should call the emergency 999 number and not 101 – for these occasions the police will always turn out. Catching burglars or would be burglars is a priority for the police and they will respond to such a 999 call – contrary to any wrongful impressions / misunderstandings that they won’t do so.

Second, the police do not recommend any particular alarm company despite what some company salesperson might tell you! So do not feel tempted to purchase an alarm from them just because you are told they come recommended by the police.

Another matter worthy of mention is that thieves are known to be using “jamming” devices to override fob car locking systems. Apparently you may still hear your car door lock “click” but nevertheless the device has overridden your immobiliser. So – best advice is to always manually check that car doors are actually locked before leaving your vehicle – high value vehicles and vans are known to be targetted in this way so don’t give thieves a chance – double check just to be sure!

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