Conservation Planning update for March 2020

This is my monthly update covering March, listing planning matters in the Conservation Areas and Areas of Special Local Character within Ruislip.

1. New Planning Applications and Appeals.


New Planning Applications reported on LBH website:


Ref Address Application Date of Application
15618/ADV/2020/24 18 High Street (Village Café) Installation of an externally illuminated hanging projection sign 24-02-20
31629/ADV/2020/25 164 High Street (Fashion Tree / Ruislip Currency) Installation of new non-illuminated aluminium projecting sign, new fascia sign with illuminated lettering and new window vinyls 24-02-20
6786/APP/2020/656 65 High Street
(HSBC bank)
Installation of CCTV Camera 25-02-20
9433/ADV/2020/27 16 High Street (Supervalue) New signage, awning icon graphics and printed valance, vinyl to window above door, shutter icon graphics. 25-02-20
31488/ADV/2020/31 129 High Street
Vinyls to window and lettering to infill panel 26-02-20
62868/APP/2020/758 34 South Drive Single storey rear infill extension 03-03-20
75449/APP/2020/792 34 Pinn Way Single storey side/rear extension, first floor side extension and conversion of garage to habitable use 04-03-20
405/ADV/2020/33 168 High Street (Ruislip Mobile) New aluminium tray sign with push through illuminated letters, new hanging non-illuminated projection sign, front shutter box panel, window graphics and rear of shop panels 05-03-20
28145/APP/2020/869 50 Sharps Lane Single Storey Rear Extension 12-03-20
28388/ADV/2020/35 178-182 High Street  Illumination of existing sign 16-03-20


 New Appeals:


Ref Address Application Date Appeal lodged
43419/APP/2019/3075 (Appeal 9098) 15 King Edwards Road Installation of 2 x air conditioning units replacement of 3 x windows (Retrospective) 14-02-20


2. New decisions taken on Planning Applications and Appeals


Planning Applications APPROVED:


Ref Address Application Date of Decision
6786/ADV/2020/11 65 High Street
(HSBC bank)
Installation of a external ATM header sign 20-03-20


 Planning Applications REFUSED:


Ref Address Application Date of Decision
56331/APP/2019/3988 158-160 High Street

(Tao Peking)

Proposed first floor rear extension to allow for conversion of existing 2 flats into 2 x 1-bed, 2 x studio and 1 x 2-bed self contained flats, and single storey rear extension to ground floor restaurant with alterations to shopfront 04-03-20


 Appeals ALLOWED:





3. Other Planning Applications and Appeals with decision pending


Current Applications:


Ref Address Application Date Decision Due
43419/APP/2019/1884 15 King Edwards Road Details pursuant to conditions 2(materials), 4(Landscaping), 4(Tree retention), 5(Tree protection) and 14(contaminated land) of planning consent 43419/APP/2016/3197 dated 10-11-16 16-09-19
2574/APP/2019/3940 32 Midcroft Single storey side and rear extension 30-01-20
75350/APP/2020/180 12 Church Avenue Single storey side extension 31-03-20
55557/APP/2020/400 1 King Edwards Road Part two storey part single storey rear extension 02-04-20
7376/ADV/2020/13 97-99 High Street (The Works) Installation of 2 x externally illuminated fascia signs and 1 x externally illuminated hanging sign 06-04-20
31488/APP/2020/538 129 High Street
Installation of a new grey aluminium shop front with frameless glass door and stainless steel handle, window mullions covered by panels above windows and on stallriser, internal glass screen and floor lowered to allow the door to open. 10-04-20
8378/APP/2020/337 The Old Workhouse, Ducks Hill Road (Grade II Listed) Erection of a detached building for use as horse stables with traditional hay bale storage in the roof space and garages for vehicles (involving demolition of existing sheds) 13-04-20
38669/APP/2020/461 Manor Farm Complex, Bury Street Replacement of existing internal disabled platform lift, with the installation of new floor recessed cantilever platform lift. Maintenance repairs to existing bookshelves. Introduction of new reception desk. 15-04-20
44376/APP/2020/642 Woodstock, Monarchs Way Single storey side/front extension and single storey side extension 20-04-20
9894/TRE/2020/46 32 Kingsend To carry out tree surgery, including a crown reduction to previous points with an additional 2m reduction on the est side, to one oak, T3 on TPO 507, and to crown reduce by 3m more than previous, to one Horse Chestnut, T1 on TPO 779. 22-04-20


Other Current Appeals:


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