Conservation Planning Update for December 2019

This is my monthly update covering December, listing planning matters in the Conservation Areas and Areas of Special Local Character within Ruislip.

 1. New Planning Applications and Appeals.


New Planning Applications reported on LBH website:


Ref Address Application Date of Application
8378/APP/2019/3553 The Old Workhouse, Ducks Hill Road (Grade II Listed) Details of condition 2 (external materials (brick)) pursuant to planning permission ref. 8378/APP/016/2495 for ‘Erection of a detached building for use as horse stables with traditional hay bale storage in the roof space and garages for vehicles (involving demolition of existing sheds)’ 29-10-19
12342/APP/2019/3648 172-174 High Street

(Gibbs Gillespie)

First floor rear extension to create 1 x 1-bed self-contained flat 08-11-19
49229/APP/2019/3904 39 Croft Gardens Single storey rear extension and conversion of garage to habitable use to include alterations to front elevation, involving demolition of existing conservatory 03-12-19
74017/APP/2019/3897 100 Manor Way Part side/part rear first floor extension. 03-12-19
4574/ADV/2019/77 157 High Street (Beauty Angels) Advertisement consent for fascia sign, awning, planters, window graphics 05-12-19
4574/APP/2019/3964 157 High Street (Beauty Angels) Slimline traditional awning, slimline LED down light, new signage, replacement doors, new vinyls, plus 2 x new planters and new window displays. 05-12-19
2574/APP/2019/3940 32 Midcroft Single storey side and rear extension 05-12-19
56331/APP/2019/3969 158-160 High Street (Tao Peking Chinese Restaurant) Outbuilding to rear for use as storage (Resubmission) 06-12-19
36264/APP/2019/4067 1 Cottage Close Single storey rear infill extension 18-12-19


New Appeals:



 2. New decisions taken on Planning Applications and Appeals


Planning Applications APPROVED:


Ref Address Application Date of Decision
53623/APP/2019/3316 106 Sharps Lane Single storey rear extension 04-12-19
7522/APP/2019/3332 30 Manor Road Single storey rear extension, including demolition of existing conservatory. 04-12-19
6882/APP/2019/3424 10 South Drive Erection of a single storey rear extension (which would extend beyond the rear wall of the original house by 4 metres, for which the maximum height would be 3 metres, and for which the height of the eaves would be 3 metres). 06-12-19


Planning Applications REFUSED:


Ref Address Application Date of Decision
43419/APP/2019/3075 15 King Edwards Road Installation of 2 x air conditioning units replacement of 3 x windows (Retrospective) 02-12-19
23160/APP/2019/3333 15 Sharps Lane Conversion of roofspace to habitable use to include a rear dormer and front rooflight, and alterations to side elevation 04-12-19
56331/APP/2019/3099 158-160 High Street

(Tao Peking)

Installation of new shop front 05-12-19
7376/ADV/2019/57 97-99 High Street

(The Works)

Installation of 1 x externally illuminated sign and 1 x projecting sign. 23-12-19





  3. Other Planning Applications and Appeals with decision pending


Current Applications:

Ref Address Application Date Decision Due
43419/APP/2019/1884 15 King Edwards Road Details pursuant to conditions 2(materials), 4(Landscaping), 4(Tree retention), 5(Tree protection) and 14(contaminated land) of planning consent 43419/APP/2016/3197 dated 10-11-16 16-09-19
18888/APP/2019/3136 16 Wood Lane Single storey front and side extension including single storey rear and part first floor rear extension. 19-11-19
20611/APP/2019/3434 and 20611/ADV/2019/60 135 High Street
 (CS Bedford)
Installation of new fascia sign with LED Halo illumination, pilasters and sign area made good and painted grey, silver leaf to glass above main window, silver signwriting to stall risers, new shop number, new awning and shutter box painted grey. Plus Advertising Consent. 13-12-19
27336/ADV/2019/70 The George Harvester Bury Street Installation of 1 x internally illuminated fascia sign, 1 x non-illuminated hanging sign and 1 x externally illuminated post mounted sign 07-01-20
12967/APP/2019/3704 162 High Street (Nail World) Use as a nail and beauty salon (Application for a Certificate of Lawful Development for a Existing Development) 17-01-20
701/APP/2019/3667 and 701/ADV/2019/69 Miller and Carter, Bury Street (The Plough) Installation of new external signage comprising: ITEM A – Externally Illuminated Double Sided Pictorial Sign ITEM B – Double Legged Entrance Sign ITEM C – Internally Illuminated Wall Mounted Individual Letters ITEM D – Internally Illuminated Wall Mounted Individual Letters ITEM E – Canopy Sign with Individual Non-illuminated Letters & Lantern 1 (Listed Building Consent and Advertising Consent) 27-01-20


Other Current Appeals:


Ref Address Application Date Appeal lodged
73047/APP/2019/398 (Appeal 9015) Garages off Green Walk Two x 4-bed self-contained dwellings with associated parking and amenity space involving demolition of existing garages 04-10-19


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