Conservation Planning update for December 2017

This is my monthly update for December 2017, covering planning matters in the Conservation Areas and Areas of Special Local Character within Ruislip.

1. New Planning Applications and Appeals.

New Planning Applications:

• RUISLIP TELEPHONE EXCHANGE, HIGH STREET 10105/APP/2017/4211 Installation of new inlet and exhaust louvres into existing window openings on the second floor.
• 54 HIGH STREET (Barclays Bank) 14226/APP/2017/4042 Installation of 1 x condenser unit to roof.
• 101-103 HIGH STREET (Lounge 101) 19818/ADV/2017/117 Installation of 2 fascia signs.
• 133 HIGH STREET (HT Food & Wine) 649/APP/2017/4443 & 649/ADV/2017/135 Installation of ATM & internally illuminated ATM signage (Retrospective). This unit has a bright red frontage which is very obtrusive and out of character.
• 136A HIGH STREET (Foxton’s Estate Agents) 73402/APP/2017/4514 First floor extension and change of use from Use Class A2 to C3 for use as a 1-bed flat.
• 178-182 HIGH STREET (RSPCA, previously Quilters) 28388/APP/2017/4279 Enclosed entrance area to rear. Also 28388/APP/2017/4375, 4376, 4377 & 4378: Details pursuant to conditions No.4, 5, 6 & 7 (refuse storage, sound insulation, cycle storage & wall/fence enclosures) of the recent successful Appeal for an application for “First and second floor rear extension, conversion of roofspace to habitable use to include 3 x front dormers, 4 x side dormers and change of use from Use Class A1 (Retail) to Use Class C3 (Residential) to create 6 x 2-bed and 3 x 1-bed self-contained flats, balustrade to rear to from communal terrace and alteration to bin/cycle storage”.
• 34 SHARPS LANE 44638/APP/2017/4310 First floor rear extension and installation of pitched roof to existing side extension.
• 32A ICKENHAM ROAD 29230/APP/2017/4294 Single storey front/side/rear extension involving conversion of garage to habitable use.
• 29 CROFT GARDENS 17450/APP/2017/4296 Conversion of roofspace to habitable use to include a rear dormer and conversion of roof from hip to gable end with a new gable end window (Application for a Certificate of Lawful Development for a Proposed Development).
• 30 EASTCOTE ROAD 65397/APP/2017/4280 Two storey side/rear extension and conversion of roof space to habitable use to include 7 rooflights.

New Appeals:


2. New decisions taken on Planning Applications and Appeals

Applications Approved:

• 5 & 7 KINGSEND 45467/APP/2016/3680 2 x two storey, 3-bed semi-detached houses with associated parking and amenity space involving demolition of No.7 Kingsend (revised from original description). RVCP welcome this decision, which is much preferable to the original plan for 3 x 3-storey, 4-bedroom houses.
• 19 SHARPS LANE 30003/APP/2017/3808 Two-storey rear extension, conversion of roof space to habitable use to include a rear dormer with roof-light and one side roof-light involving part demolition of existing first floor side element with alterations to front and side elevations and addition of low profile solar panel above dormer and new timber gates to front. (Ref 30003/APP/2015/2138 Condition 2 – The development hereby permitted shall not be carried out except in complete accordance with the details shown on the submitted plans).
• 22 BRICKWALL LANE 46777/APP/2017/3837 Erection of a ground floor rear/side extension.
• 3 MONARCHS WAY 73300/TRE/2017/190 To carry out tree surgery, including a crown reduction by up to 30%, to one Wild Cherry (T9) on TPO 274.

Applications Refused:

• 2 SHARPS LANE 12519/APP/2017/3971 Variation of condition No.10 (Approved Plans) of Secretary of State’s Appeal Decision ref: APP/R5510/D/17/3172956 dated 25/07/2017 (LBH ref: 12519/APP/2016/3412 dated 13/09/2016); Two storey side/rear extension and single story side/rear extension.
• 34 KINGSEND 14756/ADV/2017/112 Installation of internally illuminated fascia sign and replacement of drive hoarding and installation of 1 additional hoarding.

Appeals Allowed

• 47-49 HIGH STREET (Specialized Cycle Shop) 8278 46454/APP/2016/427 First and second floor rear extension to create 4 x 2-bed and 1 x 1-bed self-contained flats with associated cycle spaces. This application was eventually refused by the Council in February after a lengthy delay (of almost 9 months). It resurfaced as an appeal, which has been successful.


3. Planning Applications and Appeals with decision pending

Applications that were due for decision by end December.

• 52 KINGSEND 2089/APP/2017/3203 Two storey rear extension, conservatory to rear and conversion of existing attached outbuilding to habitable use involving alterations to elevations. Decision was due 15th November.
• 19 KING EDWARDS ROAD 10741/APP/2017/3450 Change of use from Use Class D1 (Non-residential institution) to Use Class D1/C3 and raising of roof to create habitable roof space to create 2 x 2-bed self contained flats. Decision was due 14th December.
• RUISLIP BOWLS CLUB, MANOR FARM BURY STREET 45220/APP/2017/3028 Single-storey extension to eastern elevation of club pavilion. Removal of 2 No. existing sheds to the east of the pavilion and replacement with new shed adjacent to the west of the pavilion. Enlargement of existing upper terrace. Revisions to existing fenestrations and access arrangements. Decision was due 26th October – now 25th December. Meeting held between RRA members and the architect for LBH – no significant issues.

Applications due for decision in January.

• 34 ICKENHAM ROAD 69986/APP/2017/3655 Application for a new planning permission to replace an extant planning permission in order to extend the time limit for implementation, ref. 69986/APP/2014/3501 dated 01/12/2014 (Two storey side extension and single storey rear extension). Decision due 4th January.
• 26A ICKENHAM ROAD 32347/APP/2017/4114 First floor side extension. Decision due 8th January.
• 88 HIGH STREET (Action Replay Sports) 5672/APP/2017/3620 First floor rear extension. Decision due 15th January.
• 21 EASTCOTE ROAD 28723/APP/2017/4214 Change of use of first floor from Use Class C3 (Residential) to Use Class D1 (Non-Residential Institutions) and conversion of garage to create additional room for doctors surgery. This application follows the refusal of the recent previous application which involved a large extension. Decision due 16th January.

Current Appeals:


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