Bishop Ramsey C of E School’s KS3 Drama Evening

On Tuesday, June 27th Drama students from KS3 (Years 7-9) presented their Production of Romeo and Juliet. The evening consisted of two shows with two different casts in order to include as many students as possible who were enabled to show their talents.

Miss Tarsey welcomed the audience and informed them that the cast and the technical team had been working incredibly hard rehearsing over the past term to bring the play to life which they all certainly did.

Each show lasted for half an hour with an interval between during which the audience was entertained outside by a variety of musicians. They began with the cast sitting in a large semi-circle facing the audience, then moving forward as a group and giving a summary of the plot of Shakespeare’s play about the tragic story set in Verona of the two lovers from the feuding households of Montague and Capulet. The script had been skilfully modified by the Drama department to present the key moments of the original play.

All the actors wore mainly black with a few additions to their costume to indicate specific character. Key moments of the play were highlighted such as the first meeting of the lovers, the famous Balcony scene with Juliet standing on a chair surrounded by the cast with Romeo outside the group. The sword fighting scenes with Romeo, Mercutio and Tybalt were excellently choreographed and executed which brought the action to life. The movement of the actors was extremely well synchronised as the action moved forward. Finally they were able to bring the tragedy of the deaths of the lovers seem very real. However, the most impressive part of the whole production was that these young students could deliver Shakespeare’s language so eloquently and professionally. Great credit must also go to the staff of the Drama department for such detailed preparation.

Every student who took part performed at the highest level but special mention has to go to Kian Gray Fazio and Nathan Taiwo who played Romeo and Tahlia Elliott Prosper and Tilly Blake who played Juliet. Another student who deserves a special mention is Oscar Stanley who gave a very believable interpretation of Juliet’s Nurse. Hopefully these young actors will take part in the school’s future Drama productions.

Tahlia Elliott Prosper & Kian Gray Fazio

Nathan Taiwo & Tilly Blake

Oscar Stanley



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