Bishop Ramsey C of E School’s Annual Prize Giving

The school held its Annual Prize Giving on Thursday June 22nd. For the first time the event was not held in the school hall but at the Winston Churchill Theatre. This venue had been chosen as it had been decided that it was important to celebrate all the students’ achievements on one evening rather than have two as had happened previously.

The Head Students, Calum Heanen and Kayla van Zyl, welcomed everyone to the event and then Dr Hilary Macaulay, the school’s Executive Head, addressed the audience. Having welcomed everyone to the new venue she explained how important it was that the school could celebrate as a whole as it reinforced the fact that one of the great things about Bishop Ramsey was the genuine community and unity of the school. She continued by saying that all year groups take the opportunity to speak with one another, to be mentored by one another and spend time in several of the clubs which run mixed age groups. She added: “For a school with over 1,200 students I think that’s quite an achievement.”

Later in her address she told the audience that this academic year has been exceptionally busy. They have undertaken a full curriculum review and staff have run several overseas trips for students for the first time since the Covid pandemic. These included a ski trip to Canada, a Psychology & Sociology trip to New York and the RE trip to Rome. In two weeks’ time students will once again visit their partner school in Malawi.  The new school website goes live towards the end of August after living with the existing one for approximately ten years!

Having congratulated all the students on their achievements and praised them for their hard work and commitment to their studies, she concluded by saying that there is still more to be done and she referred to the support and encouragement they all receive from their families and that she was sure they would all want to join with her in thanking them.

Following an Instrumental Solo from Noah Morris, the Guest of Honour, Reverend Richard Young, Vicar of St Matthew’s Church, Yiewsley presented the prizes for the Academic Year 2022-23. Each presentation was preceded by a citation from a member of staff from the specific subject faculty explaining why each student had been  selected for their prize. As well as academic prizes the celebration also included prizes for Access and Inclusion. These were awarded to Tas Oldfield, Year 9, Tom Howard, Year 11 and Sam Jefferies, Year 13. Finally Special Prizes were presented. Some of the recipients included James Eden for Outstanding Learning, Safiya Roberts for Services to the Community and Ella Smith for the most progress in any aspect of practical musicianship.

The audience was then treated to a beautifully moving performance of Our Father by a trio of accomplished vocalists, namely Tiffany Stringer, Kayley Nkoyoyo and Rebekah Stephen who were accompanied by Ted Britton.

Finally Reverend Richard Young addressed the prize winners. He referred to his past personal experience as a twelve year old boy to illustrate that with perseverance they can reach a potential in the future that they might never have thought possible. He explained that he remembers having to prepare a speech for his class and how this filled him with terror; he even confessed that he was a little nervous when preparing for his address. However, he never thought as an adult he would become a solicitor and eventually a vicar, both of which involved much public speaking. It was very relevant and encouraging for the young people present.

The evening drew to a close with thanks to Reverend Young expressed by the Head Students accompanied by the presentation of a gift.

Ella Smith winner of the St Cecilia Shield for Practical Musicianship

Calum Heanen, Reverend Richard Young, Kayla van Zyl



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