Road Steward Vacancies

The Town Crier magazine is produced twice a year, and is delivered to invidual houses by “Road Stewards” – residents who volunteer to put the magazine through fellow residents’ front doors.

We’re always looking for new Road Stewards – so if you would like to volunteer about an hour, twice a year, to deliver some Town Criers to your own street or another nearby, please get in touch with Daniel O’Neill, our Chief Road Steward by email or WhatsApp.

The Summer/Autumn 2023 issue is being delivered right now (starting Tuesday 22nd August 2023), and we need help with deliveries to both flats and some houses.

Deliveries to flats

We really need some help along Pembroke Road between Ruislip and Ruislip Manor – we have nobody to deliver to any of these blocks of flats – together they account for over 300 homes that we’re simply not reaching with the Town Crier!  If you live in one of these blocks, or know someone who does, please let Daniel know on 07905 809760, via  WhatsApp. or by email to

Central House 
Cheriton Lodge 
Corinthian Court 
Crown Accountants building
(3 Pembroke Road)
Crown Apartments
(45 Westholme Gardens)
Jameston Lodge
Kingsend Court
Kings Lodge
Merrion Court 
Metropolitan House 
Park Way Court 
Pembroke House
Piccadilly House
Victoria Court
(flats on Linden Avenue)

Deliveries to houses

Area 1
Standale Grove
(83 houses)

Area 4
Eastcote Road (39 of the houses)

Area 6
Ickenham Close
(31 houses)
Monarchs Way
(30 houses)
(50 of the houses)

Area 7
Bishop Ramsey Close (35 houses)
Park Way Court (10 houses)
Pembroke Road (38 of the houses)
Priory Close (20 houses)

Area 8
Park Way (27 houses)
Acacia Avenue (15 houses)
Westholme Gardens (42 houses)

Area 10

Roxburn Way (25 houses)
Beechwood Avenue (117 houses)
West End Road (44 of the houses)

Area 11
Bembridge Gardens
(14 houses)
Helford Close
(5 houses)
Poole Close
(5 houses)
Whitstable Close
(5 houses)


What is involved with being a Road Steward?

Volunteering as a Road Steward means that, twice a year, you’ll receive a bundle of magainzes to deliver to a street or block of flats.  The Town Crier magazine is A5 and usually 20-28 pages long, so they are not heavy or bulky.  Most Road Stewards have a patch of either a couple of short streets or a section of a longer street and deliver on average about 50 magazines.  It takes most people less than an hour.

You can can give it a go this time, and if you don’t get on with it, there’s no obligation to continue.  If you’re unwell, less mobile, or need to “retire” from delivering, that’s OK – let Daniel O’Neill know, and someone else can take over your patch.


If you would like to help us, please contact Daniel O’Neill, our Chief Road Steward.*

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