Ruislip Schools Support The Association’s Centenary Celebrations

This year marks the centenary of the creation of the Association and as part of our celebrations we are hoping to plant one hundred trees in our local area which will have a positive effect on our environment now and in the future.

Every local primary and secondary has agreed to have a tree planted on their site which will take place in the autumn term. Currently preliminary visits are being made to discuss suitable sites and, if necessary, to undertake any preparatory work on the site prior to the planting. Our Woodlands Committee Member, Graeme Shaw, has also agreed to speak to some of the pupils/students about the importance of trees and how to care for them once planted.One of our local councillors, Cllr Devi Radia, suggested it would be good to include a local special school so Pentland Field Special School was contacted and the Headteacher agreed to take part. As the school is just over our border into Ickenham we spoke to their Association who readily gave their blessing.

Oak saplings have been chosen for most of the school sites. There are two main reasons for this choice: firstly it seemed particularly appropriate as the oak tree features on the coat of arms on the Ruislip – Northwood shield officially granted on June 22nd 1937.

Ruislip – Northwood Shield

Secondly we have unwanted oak saplings growing in our local woods(thanks to the acorn burying exploits by squirrels and jays) which will be dug up, prepared and re-planted.

For further updates please visit the website in the next few months. If you require further information please contact the following:            or

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