Reptile Survey

As part of the Environment Agency flood alleviation project for Ruislip’s park & Pinn Meadows, Ruislip residents representing the Association, RWMAG, (Ruislip Woods National Nature Reserve Management Advisory Group), and the Flood Action Group for Brook Drive & Evelyn Avenue are conducting a reptile survey along hedgerows in Pinn Meadows and along the margins of the River Pinn. Squares of roofing felt have been positioned in likely places. Reptiles are dependent upon the ambient temperature, so are necessarily sluggish until the Sun is fairly high in the sky. The black roofing felt conducts the heat of the Sun’s rays and provides a warming shelter for reptiles, allowing them to be active, earlier.

The squares of roofing felt will be checked, at least, daily for the next week for any evidence of reptile occupation.

We would ask any curious observer to please not disturb the squares of roofing felt.’

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