Open days in October – HS2

HS2 have announced some open days to enable residents to get a better understanding of the forthcoming works and the impacts they will have on the local communities.  There are 4 events planned, 2 of which happen in Ruislip:

  • Tuesday 9 October, 2pm to 7.30pm, The Barn Hotel, Ruislip
  • Monday 29 October, 2pm to 7.30pm, Ruislip Golf Course

The topics that will be displayed include:

  • Plans for the portal in West Ruislip
  • The head house at the vent shaft in South Ruislip
  • The proposed new Ruislip golf course design
  • Traffic and lorry routes
  • Further work at Breakspear Road South
  • Plans for traffic at Swakeleys Roundabout

I do encourage you to get along to at least one of the events; to show how much we care but also make sure HS2 get the message we are really not happy about the damage and disruption their project will cause us.

The attached leaflet provides more details, along with the dates of the other 2 events in Harefield and Uxbridge.

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