Conservation Planning – July 2017

This is my monthly update for July 2017, covering planning matters in the Conservation Areas and Areas of Special Local Character within Ruislip.

New Planning Applications and Appeals

New Planning Applications:

  • 96 High Street (Carphone Warehouse) (24212/APP/2017/2129): Change of Use of first floor from Use Class A1 (Retail) to Use Class C3 (Dwelling house) to use as 1 x 2-bed flat (Prior Approval).
  • 115 High Street (Ruislip Tandoori) (50068/APP/2017/2063): Change of use from a restaurant (Class A3) to a hot food takeaway (Class A5) and associated external alterations, including installation of ventilation and extraction equipment.
  • 7A Manor Road (69063/APP/2017/2386): Conversion of roof space to habitable use to include a rear dormer, 1 x front and 2 x side rooflights (Resubmission).
  • 6 Kingsend (54441/APP/2017/2233): Single storey rear extension.
  • 61A Kingsend (61745/APP/2017/2573): Details pursuant to discharge conditions No. 3 (Materials) of planning permission Ref: 61745/APP/2017/1719 dated 12/07/2017 (Canopy to front).
  • 31 Bury Street (73027/APP/2017/2516): Single storey rear extension.
  • Pembroke House, 5-9 Pembroke Road (38324/APP/2017/2287): Extension of 4th floor accommodation to provide one 2-bedroom apartment. A similar application (for two 1-bedroom flats) was dismissed on appeal last year.
  • Land forming part of 2 Arlington Drive (71084/APP/2017/2246 and 2247): Erection of two new detached two-storey houses (4 and 6 Arlington Drive) with two new vehicular crossovers and site landscaping. (Application and Listed Building Consent). A similar application was refused earlier this year
  • 41 Eastcote Road (36384/APP/2017/2275, 2457 and 2459): a) Conversion of garage to habitable use to include alterations to front, alteration of front bay roof from hipped to gable end, porch to front and alterations to fenestration (Resubmission), b) Extension of existing terrace to rear, and c) Conversion of roof space to habitable use to include 2 x side dormers and one rear dormer and 4 side roof lights (Application for a Certificate of Lawful Development for a Proposed Development).

New Appeals:


New decisions taken on Planning Applications and Appeals

Applications Approved:

  • 32A Ickenham Road (29230/APP/2017/1669): Single storey front/side/rear extension and part conversion of garage to habitable use (Resubmission).
  • 31 Kingsend (72333/APP/2017/1791): Single storey rear extension, conversion of garage to habitable use with alterations to elevations, alterations to porch and dormers to rear.
  • 61A Kingsend (61745/APP/2017/1719): Canopy to front.

Applications Refused:

  • 29 Manor Road (17788/APP/2017/1936): Two storey side/rear extension and single storey rear extension involving demolition of existing detached garage (Resubmission). I was contacted by a neighbouring resident and I re-sent my comments to the case officer, as those relating to the original application still applied.

Appeals Allowed:

  • 178-182 High Street (was Quilters) (8148 28388/APP/2016/3332): 1st & 2nd floor rear extension, conversion of roofspace to habitable use to include 3 x front dormers, 4 x side dormers and change of use from Use Class A1 (Retail) to Use Class C3 (Residential) to create 6 x 2-bed and 3 x 1-bed self-contained flats, balustrade to rear to form communal terrace and alteration to bin/cycle storage. We had written to the Inspectorate reiterating our concerns.
  • 2 Sharps Lane (8184 12519/APP/2016/3412): Two storey rear extension.

Appeals Dismissed:

  • 91-95 Manor Way (Optimum Gym) (8147 49813/APP/2016/2842): Proposed covered training area.

Planning Applications and Appeals with decision pending

Applications that were due for decision by end July

  • 5 & 7 Kingsend (45467/APP/2016/3680) 3 x two storey, 4-bed terraced houses with habitable roofspace with associated parking and amenity space involving demolition of No.7 Kingsend. I have already written twice to the council expressing our concerns about this application as it would result in a large block next to the renovated house at No 5, out of character with the area, and very cramped, on a busy corner. Revised plans were submitted in January and the decision date was put back to 10th February (previously 10th January). Now further revised plans have been submitted (26th June) with a deadline for comments of 7th It’s difficult to understand what exactly is now proposed, and we are awaiting clarification.
  • 7-9 Bury St. (“The Old House”) (34752/APP/2016/4598 and 4600): Details in compliance with various conditions of planning permissions 34752/APP/2016/446 and 447. Decisions were due 22nd February.
  • 178-182 High Street (previously Quilters)(28388/APP/2017/1447): First and second floor rear extension, conversion of roofspace to habitable use to include 3 x front dormers, 4 x side dormers and change of use from Use Class A1 (Retail) to Use Class C3 (Residential) to create 6 x 2-bed and 3 x 1-bed self-contained flats, balustrade to rear to from communal terrace and alteration to bin/cycle storage. We have written to the Council expressing our concerns. We believe that the changes from the earlier application are not sufficient to change the refusal decision. Decision was due 22nd June. (Late note: Presumably this application has now been superseded by the earlier application which has just been allowed on appeal (see above) – though this one is still shown as current on the Council website.)

Applications due for decision in August

  • Ruislip Telephone Exchange, High Street (10105/APP/2017/1329): Installation of a telecommunications stub tower and 6 antennas, including the removal of existing steelwork and 6 pole-mounted antennas. Relocation of 1 pole-mounted antenna and 1 pole-mounted transmission dish to proposed telecommunications stub tower, removal of existing stub towers. Decision due 4th August (previously 6th June).
  • 33A High Street (Grovehouse Financial Advisors) (72933/APP/2017/2048): Change of Use of first floor from Use Class B1 (Offices) to Use Class C3 (Dwelling house) to use as 1 x 2-bed flat (Prior Approval). Decision due 6th
  • 21 Manor Road (71722/APP/2017/1716): Two storey side extension involving demolition of existing side element. Decision due 7th August (previously 12th July).
  • 33 High Street (Boots Opticians) (11021/APP/2017/1990): Single storey rear extension. Decision due 8th
  • 37 Bury Street (72966/APP/2017/2181): Single storey detached outbuilding to rear for use as a study/ store (Retrospective). Decision due 10th
  • 24 Brickwall Lane (11195/APP/2017/2195): Raising of roof and hip to gable enlargement at rear to include Juliette balcony, installation of 2 side dormers, 1 front dormer and two front rooflights to allow creation of habitable roofspace. Decision due 11th
  • 21 Eastcote Road (28723/APP/2017/2067): Part two storey, part single storey rear extension, creation of basement level and change of use of first floor from Use Class C3 to Use Class D1 for use as a surgery, alterations to elevations and parking. This application – for a major rear extension plus rear parking and basement – has caused some consternation among local residents, and they have our support. Following communications from residents I have successfully asked James Rodger to widen and extend the duration of the consultation, have put residents in touch with local councillors, highlighted the reasons a previous application was refused, and ensured the residents of RRA and RVCP support. I have sent comments obo RRA to the case officer as agreed at RRA meeting in July. Decision due 11th

Current Appeals:

  • 20 Church Avenue (8158 ENF/732/16): PEO – Unauthorised Side or Front Extension to a Residential Property.
  • 3 Pembroke Road (formerly “rear of 157/161 High Street”) (8173 64711/APP/2016/1793): Conversion of roofspace to habitable use with the inclusion of 6 rear rooflights, 2 front rooflights and 4 side rooflights to create 1 x 1-bed self-contained flat with associated amenity space. I have sent the Inspectorate a copy of the comments I had previously submitted to the Council, including a request for refusal, to ensure they have them when considering this appeal. 

Other Ongoing Key Matters

  • Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) building: This building is in a critical position within the conservation area, between Manor Farm and St Martin’s, and it is in poor condition. This site was put up for sale by the council, and we understand that a potential owner has asked the council to organise an archaeological investigation of the site.
  • The Six Bells: There is concern that The Six Bells is falling into disrepair. The Council are considering a pre-application proposal for the site – their powers relating to the repair of listed buildings are limited. I wrote to the owner expressing our concerns in Nov 2016 but not received a response. The Council have no new information.
  • 16/18 Kingsend: We are concerned that the driveway has been relaid with tarmac rather than the permeable surface required, and several other matters. Jonathan Murray (of the Council) has spoken to the site project manager who has said he is aware that some issues still need to be addressed.
  • Property developers: Churchill Retirement Living have been sending letters through doors in Kingsend and Sharps Lane (at least) offering to buy up properties so that they can develop. We believe other companies are also doing this in Ruislip. This trend is of real concern, and we are keeping a close eye on it together with the Council.*
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