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Student Using a Cardboard Viewer

Uxbridge College Students Take Part in the Google Expeditions Pioneer Programme

Uxbridge College students recently used innovative cardboard headsets and mobile ‘phones to take part in virtual field trips thanks to the Google Expeditions Pioneer Programme. Expeditions is a new product which uses cardboard viewers and collections of virtual reality panoramas – 360° photo spheres, 3D images and video as well as ambient sounds – to […]

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New Secondary Schools For Hillingdon

It has been estimated that there will be a lack of Secondary places for children in the Borough by 2018. This must cause concern for parents of pupils currently in local Junior Schools. Residents may have recently read in the local paper about the Bishop Ramsey Academy Trust’s successful bid to build the Bishop Arden […]

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Margarita Popa and Lucien Mukendi

Uxbridge College’s GCSE Results

Students at Uxbridge College are celebrating their results. At the College students either take GCSEs for the first time or are re-sitting them after failing to achieve their potential and usually take five subjects often progressing to A Levels or other equivalent courses. Amanda Washbrook, Head of Uxbridge College Academy, the College department which teaches […]

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